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What is the Difference Between a Trading Halt and Suspension from Official Quotation?

The difference between a trading halt and suspenion of offical qoutation

Companies have to make announcements now and then. With the hustle (mostly) and bustle of the stock market, you may need more than the typical tapping on the glass to be heard. Companies have the option to temporarily suspend trades when they have an important announcement to make. This gives investors a breather to evaluate their trading options. A trading halt shares similarities with suspension of official quotation because both stops trading activities related to the company, but they do have a difference in relation to the sequence of events.

Trading Halt

Wise Trading Wisdom

Practical and wise tips for traders

There are wide array of methods and information for any beginner who wants to trade in the stock market. Trading the sharemarket can be overwhelming at first, especially if you don't know much. Some successful traders might tell you what you should do - or someone pretending to be a guru to prey on unsuspecting newbies - but others insists otherwise. Fortunately there are nuggets of wisdom that can be very helpful.

What you need to have:

What is a Shares Split?

Everything about share splits.

Shares are split when a company's share price has grown so high that investors think the shares are too expensive to buy, so the company divides them into multiple shares. In effect, investors are holding twice the amount of shares with half the price.

Trading Goal: $100 a Day

Is it profitable to trade and $100 a day?

Setting your expectations is one of the most important part in trading. Having low expectations is not exactly a bad thing especially if your preparing yourself for the stock market. All traders know that money will be inevitably lost so its not always good to have high expectations unless they are realistic. The stock market is unpredictable, so as a beginner its always better to start small with a capital that is manageable.

Trading 101: Where to Start

Learn about trading in the stock market.

So you want to start trading but don't know where to start? You're already on the right track, because you're asking questions and doing research before playing with the big boys. Nobody's going to hold your hand so you might as well put in the effort.

Arm Yourself with Education

You can never bee too educated about the stock market. If you think you have enough knowledge, curve balls can hit you without warning.

Technical Analysis – Smoke and Mirrors?

The pros and cons of Technical Analysis

There are various methods in navigating the stock market. Even though it can be very unpredictable there are tools that you can use to help you gain insight on a particular stock that grabs your interest. One of the main methods in evaluating stock is technical analysis. This is used by traders to analyse the supply and demand of stocks in the market to determine their trend. The trend provides the traders signals on how the stock price will behave in the future. This can be very convenient in a highly uncertain market that enables traders to be one step ahead of the game.

Is 20% Annual Return Realistic?

Learn if a 20% annual return is realistic.

Market returns fluctuate like the tides. Consider the many factors that affect returns like timeframes, trading strategy, your particular portfolio, and social and economic upheavals. A stock may outperform 20 percent in a given year and maybe even 10 years, but this is the exception. Anybody can also get a one-year, one-time 20 percent return, but to expect the same rate year in and year out leans more toward the unrealistic.

Entering the Market: Timing

Everything about timing the market.

The market is a murky place, and sharks—also known as people who trade for a living—swim in the infested waters. Do not be the crustacean. Unless you pay someone to do it (and maybe not even then), no one can really tell you the exact time to enter the market, and you will likely get different opinions. This is particularly true if you have a hazy goal in your head.

The Intrinsic Value Formula for Stocks

Learn how to calculate the intrinsic value

Stock market trading is a big risk. No matter what your trading capital is money lost is still money lost. So before you buy any stock it’s always important to know if it’s worth your hard earned cash. The problem is with a variety of stocks and the uncertainty of the stock market, its not easy to pull out the good ones from the bad. Fortunately there are ways to find out if a stock has potential.

Intrinsic Value

Dividend Eligibility: How Long do You Need to Own the Shares?

Dividen Eligibility

How long you want to own your shares will depend on what's your goal. If you bought a fully franked stock and want to receive the full dividend amount, you have to hold the stock for 45 days. This excludes the day you made the purchase and the day you sold the stock. More importantly the 45 day rule (plus 2 days) makes you eligible to receive franking credits, if your imputation credits entitlement totals more than $5000. The key is to own the shares in 45 days after the ex-dividend date. You will need 90 days for preference shares.

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