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A parent company of the Network Ten, Ten Network Holdings (TEN) is engaged in investing in the Ten Group Pty Limited (Ten Group) and other controlled entities operating mainly in five large television stations: ATV-10 (Melbourne), TEN10 (Sydney), ADS-10 (Adelaide), TVQ-10 (Brisbane), and NEW-10 (Perth). TEN was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on the 31st of March 1998. Its average annual revenue reaches approximately AUD$1 million. Its headquarters is located in New South Wales, Australia and to date; around 1200 people are employed in the company. Ten Network Holdings provides tow main services: out-of-home and television services.

Ten Network Holdings provides its clients with out-of-home services and this is made possible by the company’s subsidiary called the EyeCorp. EyeCorp is the supplier of media outside the environment of a home and it is comprised of six business areas: Eye Fly (marketing through airports), Eye Drive (outdoor marketing), Eye In-store (visual merchandising and printing company), Eye Shop (a shopping center division), Eye Study and Eye Plus (a digital media solution).

The television services of Ten Network Holdings are provided through the five television stations listed above. TEN also manages two entertainment brands in Australia: Th Big Brother and the Australian Idol and its international shows include the Medium, NCIS and the House.

Ten Network Holdings also has an agreement with Cross Broadcasting (SCB), its affiliate located in the New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. Aside from all these, TEN also has made an arrangement with the WIN Television for the program supply of some programs broadcasted in the Mildura, Western Australia, Riverland and Mt. Gambier in Southern Australia.

Ten Network Holdings Company History

Northern Star commenced and started its broadcasting operations in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane in 1965. Northern Star became bankrupt and filed it in 1990. Because Westpac Banking is the primary lender for the company, the bank corporation then acquired the television business assets and the group of investors purchased this asset from Westpac in 1992 and this was when the Ten Network Holdings was established. It was listed on the ASX in 1998.

Majority of the EyeCorp's shares were acquired by TEN in 1000 and a year after, 14% of the company’s shares in Southern Cross Broadcasting was sold by the company. In 2002, the remaining 40% of the EyeCorp’s shares were acquired by TEN and it formed a venture with JCDecaux in May 2005. This venture was called the Rail Advertising Services (RAS). In July 2005, the Southcoast Outdoor, a Victoria-based OOH Operator was acquired by TEN.

In May 2006, a European airport deal was signed by EyeCorp. This was with The Manchester Airports Group with the purpose to manage all the rights for promotions and advertising at Nottingham East Midlands Airport (NEMA), Humberside Airport and Manchester Airport. It was also in the same month when the licensing deals with Twentieth Century Fox were signed by TEN and Foxtel in Australia.

In August 2007, the Chief Network Sales Position of TEN was given to Vance Lothringer and the Chief Marketing Officer position was given to Shaun James. It was also in the same month when Foxtel and Ten entered into a breakthrough digital retransmission agreement.

Ten Network (TEN) Products and Services

  • TV Broadcasting Network
  • Entertainment: Sports, reality TV shows, drama, youth programs
  • Marketing: Outdoor marketing and billboards

Ten Network Holdings Competitors

  • Fox Broadcasting Company
  • News Corporation
  • Austar United Communications Limited
  • TV Broadcasting Network
  • Seven Networks
  • Time Warner Inc.

Ten Network (TEN) Locations and Subsidiaries

Ten Network Holdings Headquarters
1 Saunders Street
Phone: (02) 9650 1010
Fax: (02) 9650 1368

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