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Thakral Holdings Group (THG) is a specialist diversified property group engaged in the development and ownership of properties across Australia, Singapore and Japan. The principal operations and activities of the Thakral include investing in hotel, retail, commercial and residential properties; managing retail centers and commercial properties together with the development and sale of land and buildings. Thakral Holdings Group listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on 17 June, 1994.

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Stocks went up and down before Christmas day arrived and this record shows to prove it. Below are list of the best and the worst traded stocks in ASX100, ASX200 and All Ordinaries of the Australian Stock Exchange in the 51st week of 2011, December 19 to 23, 2011.

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Sharemarket Events on Monday

There would be no floats in the sharemarket list of events on Monday, November 21,
2011, but there will be five upcoming ex-
and a couple of Annual General Meetings scheduled on the
same day.


Thakral Holdings Dividends

1 September, 2010 - 13:41

Peruse the dividend history for THAKRAL HOLDINGS GROUP. Dividends are a portion of company profits paid out to shareholders. You are eligible to receive THG dividends if you own the THAKRAL HOLDINGS GROUP shares on the ex-dividend date. Traders and investors must purchase the stock before the exdividend date to be entitled to the dividend. The previous owner of the shares will receive the THG dividend if you buy the stocks on or after the ex dividend date.

Thakral Holdings (THG) Stock Recommendation

Deutsche Bank have rated the Thakral Holdings (THG) stock as a Hold with a share price target of 80 cents. The broker notes that the result was slightly below expectations and that there is ongoing concerns about a slowdown in international travel. There are also concerns in development delays and margin deterioration. UBS has a Buy 2 rating on the stock with a target price of $0.85.

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