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Toll Holdings Limited (TOL) is a logistics company engaged in providing full load road and rail freight forwarding service, full load express and economy freight forwarding service, container handling and storage, specialized international forwarding services, temperature-controlled transport service, wharf cartage, distribution and warehousing of bulk dry and refrigerated goods, removals and relocation brokerage service, time sensitive parcel freight distribution services, bulk liquid transportation, rail and air passenger operations, ports management and stevedoring services, vehicle transport and distribution and shipping line-haul operations for freight and passengers. TOL was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on the 15th of August 1994. Its average annual revenue reaches approximately $7 billion out of its issued capital of approximately $400 million. Its headquarters is located in Melbourne, Australia and to date; around 30000 people are employed in the company. Toll Holdings Limited operates mainly in five business segments: Toll Australia, Toll Asia, Toll NZ, Asciano and Virgin Blue.

Toll Australia is engaged in providing domestic supply chain solutions to large and small business throughout Australia. Toll Asia is TOL’s in-country physical and supply chain distribution network in Asia operating mainly through the major regions of China, Cambodia, India, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and the UAE. Toll Asia delivers for leading brands such as Samsung, Yamaha, Philips, Johnson & Johnson and Colgate-Palmolive. Toll NZ is the provider of integrated logistics in New Zealand. This segment offers a national network of sea, rail and road freight transportation, urban and inter-island passenger services as well as distribution and logistics management services while Virgin Blue or Virgin Blue Airlines is one of the leading providers of transportation services in Australia.

Toll Holdings Limited (TOL) History

Toll Holdings Limited (TOL) was established in 1988 by Albert Toll, a coal hauler in Newcastle. Albert gained a lot of BHP's Newcastle steel works contracts in 1930. In 1960s, he died and one of his biggest customers purchased his company from his children. The company then got into a new business phase when the Peko Wallsend took over the National Minerals.

The company, in 1974, started its relationship with Carlton and United Breweries. The company became a transport company in 1985. They acquired the Peko Wallsend the following year and became Toll Holdings. In 1992, Toll Logistics was made and in October of 1993, was listed as a public company.

In the middle of 1995 and 1998, Toll expanded with its acquisitions. They acquired Brambles Transport operations in North Queensland, some TNT businesses, John Nash Transport, IPEC, Mayne Nickless’ Jetsroad and Overnighters, as well as the Interlink Distribution Services. Australia’s Ford Motor Company also appointed them to be the lead logistics manager.

In addition, the company acquired the AR Neal’s Logistics business, which was a paper and packaging service provider in February of 2001. And in April of the same year, they acquired Strang Stevedoring.

Toll Holdings (TOL) Products and Services

  • Local freight distribution
  • Interstate freight forwarding by road
  • Rail, air and sea transport
  • Container packing and unpacking
  • Warehousing
  • Storage and distribution
  • Fleet management
  • Ports management and services
  • Stevedoring

Toll Holdings Limited Competitors

  • Evergreen Marine Corporation
  • Maersk Logistics
  • Yellow Transportation

Toll Holdings (TOL) Locations and Subsidiaries

Toll Holdings Limited Headquarters
Level 7 380 St
Kilda Rd
Melbourne VIC 3004
Phone: (03) 9694 2888
Fax: (03) 9694 2880
Email: none

Toll Holdings Limited Subsidiaries>

Cargo Link Pty Ltd
International Corporate Relocations Pty Ltd
Holyman Shipping Services Pty Ltd
Autotrans Express (Aust) Pty Ltd
Cement Goliath Pte Ltd
Jamison Equity Pty Ltd
Martin Shirley & Associates Pty Ltd
Pacific National Pty Ltd
Pack-Trainers Rail Services Pty Ltd
Patrick Corporation Ltd
Australis Terminal Co Pty Ltd
Blue Holidays Pty Ltd
Avellaneda Pty Ltd
CJ Dean Transport Pty Ltd
Doogs Pty Ltd
Holyman Superannuation Pty Ltd
Liberty Cargo Systems Pty Ltd
Patrick Autocare Pty Ltd
Palm Valley Pipeline Company Pty Ltd
Toll Finance Pty Ltd
Freight Australia Pty Ltd
Fremantle Link Services Pty Ltd
Holyman Operations Pty Ltd
Alpen's (Griffith) Pty Ltd
Asia Pacific Air Cargo Pte Ltd
ATN Access Pty Ltd
Holyman Refrigeration Pty Ltd
Independant Industrial Investments Pty Ltd
Malleys Transport Pty Ltd
Patrick BWL Pty Ltd
Toll International Pty Ltd - t/a Tranz Link Seacargo
Fire Engineering Pty Ltd
Intravest Pty Ltd
Liberty Air Services Pty Ltd
Refrigerated Roadways Pty Ltd - t/a Toll Refrigerated
Toll IPEC Ptd Ltd
Toll Ports NZ Pty Ltd
Toll Technologies Pty Ltd
Eastern Basin Pty Ltd
Inverael Pty Ltd
Jack Seattons Transport Pty Ltd
Key Employee Performance Plan
Equitius Pty Ltd
Greens Distribution Pty Ltd
Jet Care Pty Ltd
National Rail Consortium Pty Ltd
Scarabus Pty Ltd
SCFS Pty Ltd
Strang Stevedoring Australia WDW Pty Ltd
Stream Solutions Limited
Toll Technologies Investments Pty Ltd
Train Crewing Services Pty Ltd
Toll Transport Pty Ltd - t/a Toll Fast
Federated Stevedores Darwin Pty Ltd
Holyman Pty Ltd
National Stevedores Tasmania Pty Ltd
Ralph Symonds Australia Ltd
Toll North Pty Ltd
Union Corporate Services Pty Ltd
Freshmark Pty Ltd
Geelong Port Pty Ltd - t/a Toll Geelong Port
Mather & Platt (Engineering) Ltd - HK
Pacific Blue Holdings Pty Ltd
Patrick Tasmania Pty Ltd
R&H Nominees Pty Ltd
Toll Group (NZ) Limited
Tranz Rail Holdings Pty Ltd
Resarta Pty Ltd
Patrick Aircraft Maintenance Pty Ltd
The Loyalty Trust
Toll Energy Logistics Pty Ltd
Transdev Pty Ltd
Transic Pty Ltd
Patrick Cargo Pty Ltd
Stream Solutions (Holdings) Pty Ltd
Toll Ports Pty Ltd
Patrick Distribution Pty Ltd Pty Ltd
Riverina Black Beef Pty Ltd
Seatons CFS Pty Ltd
Toll Networks (NZ) Pty Ltd
Toll Ports Operations Pty Ltd
TD Holdings Pty Ltd
Toll Equipment (FFM) Pty Ltd - t/a Toll
Toll Projects Pty Ltd
Tranz Rail Pty Ltd
Mulgara Pty Ltd
Race Container Express Pty Ltd
Toll Stevedoring Pty Ltd
AF Toll Transport Pty Ltd
Catalina Clipper LLC
Artmill Distributors Pty Ltd
BaroMedical Services (Asia) Pte Ltd
Cat-Link Ship Investment Pty Ltd
Bulkships Pty Ltd
Holyman Transport Pty Ltd
Cumberlane Holdings Pty Ltd
ACN 119 677 020 Chartible Trust
Cargo Distributors Pty Ltd
Patrick Chartering Pty Ltd
Strang Patrick Holdings Pty Ltd - t/a Patrick The Australian Stevedore
Toll Property Fund Holdings Pty Ltd
Toll Properties Pty Ltd
Lang Coporation Superannuation Fund Pty Ltd
Adderstone Finance Pty Ltd
ChemXlog Pte Ltd
Dilmun Navigation Company Pty Ltd
Express Blue Air Frieght Pty Ltd
Liberty Pacific (Qld) Pty Ltd
Maremma Pty Ltd
Braeshore Pty Ltd
ACN 119 677 020 Pty Ltd
Dalanda Pty Ltd
De Julia Transport Pty Ltd
Holyman Ports Pty Ltd

Other Toll Holdings Limited Details

Toll Holdings Limited Year Established: 1986
ACN: 006 592 089
D-U-N-S: 753741792
ABN: 25006592089

Toll Holdings (TOL) Share Price

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