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Transurban Group (TCL) is the owner, developer and operator of the intelligent transport systems and electronic toll roads; three tolling motorways/road in Australia and one in the US. TCL was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on the 14th of March 1996. Its average annual revenue reaches approximately AUD$500 million. Its headquarters is located in Melbourne, Australia and to date; around 800 people are employed in the company. Transurban Group operates through its primary operation in Hills M2, CityLink and Pocahontas Parkway.

Hills M2 is an electronic tolling road wholly owned by Transurban Group. It is 21 kilometers long and is situated in Sydney. The trademarks cash toll booths and Roaming Express e-TAG system are incorporated in this tolling road. The toll fee Hills M2 charges its clients are based on the two vehicle classes: class two and class four. Class two consists of twin and three axle vehicles while class four vehicles are totally different from those vehicles that fall under the class two category.

CityLink is the flagship tolling asset of Transurban Group. It is an urban motorway 22 kilometers in length and is situated in Melbourne, Australia. CityLink is operated and managed by one of the subsidiaries of TCL, the CityLink Melbourne. More than 700,000 transactions are handled by CityLink with most of them installed with an e-tag or electronic tag device. This device is installed inside the vehicle’s windscreen and a scanner detects this tag once a vehicle passes by the overhead gantry.

Pocahontas Parkway is a wholly owned tolling road/motorway of Transurban in USA.

Aside from the three assets, Transurban Group also provides the Westlink M7 Motorway project with the tolling and customer management system as the company also tenders its acquisition of other toll roads and participation in the development of intelligent transport systems and electronic tolling systems to be implemented in the development and identification of infrastructure projects in the domestic and international markets.

Transurban Group (TCL) Company History

Designing, building and operating CityLink is the primary purpose of the Transurban Group Company which was formed in 1995. In 1996, the company started the construction of their primary asset, which was the CityLink highway located in Melbourne, Australia. The Transurban was listed on the ASX or Australian Stock Exchange in the same year.

Transurban owned 90% of shares from M2 highway located in Sydney, Australia which was opened in 1997. After a lot of construction, the CityLink located in Melbourne opened to traffic by the year 2000.

WestLink M7 was already being constructed and the company was one of the owner in year 2004. Also in the similar year, Flour Corp merged with the company to obtain US projects. After a few months, the company tried to build up SMS tolling services. So they formed a business partnership with Telstra company.

The company completed the negotiations with Pocahontas Parkway Association and Virginia Department of Transportation and they acquired US based Pocahontas Parkway in May 2006. Sydney Roads Group or SRG owning 71% of the M1 motorway (Eastern Distributor) and almost half of both M5 and M4 motorways were given an offer by the company for them to merge in December 2006.

Transurban Group (TCL) Products and Services

Transurban operates and owns toll roads in Australia and the US and provides the following products and services:

  • e-TAG and e-PASS electronic tagging devices
  • Development and management of fully electronic toll roads
  • Toll accounting services
  • Traffic projection and modelling

Transurban Group Competitors

  • Aecon Group
  • ConnectEast Group
  • TransCore Holdings

Transurban Group (TCL) Locations and Subsidiaries

Transurban Group Headquarters
525 Collins Street
Rialto South Tower
Level 43
Phone: (03) 9612-6999
Fax: (03) 9649 7380

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