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West Australian Newspapers Holdings Limited (WAN) is a company engaged in commercial printing, newspaper publishing, and radio broadcasting as well as in providing radio communication facility and cinema advertising, cinema exhibition and film distribution industries. WAN was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on the 9th of January 1992. Its average annual revenue reaches approximately $447 million out of its issued capital of approximately $112 million. Its headquarters is located in Osborne Park, Australia and to date; around 1,400 people are employed in the company. West Australian Newspapers Holdings Limited operates mainly in two business segments: Publishing industry and the cinema advertising, cinema exhibition and film distribution industry.

West Australian Newspapers Holdings Limited is the publisher of The West Magazine which is included in The West Australian's Saturday edition. Included in the other publishing interests of WAN are 22 regional magazines and newspapers as well as 3 commercial printing plants. The regional radio network that covers Karratha, Broome, Geraldton, Port Hedland and other parts of the northern part of the state is also a part of WAN's operations. Moreover, 50% of the Hoyts cinemas Group interest is included in the operation and management of the group. Included in the chain operations of WAN are 48 screens in more than 8 locations in New Zealand as well as 350 screens in more than 41 locations in Australia.

West Australian Newspapers Holdings (WAN) Company History

Western Australian Newspapers Holdings Limited began operating in 1833 when it first started to publish the West Australian newspaper in Western Australia. Quokka was taken by the company in 2002. Quokka is a newspaper for free advertisement established in Canada. Three free advertisements were given to clients in addition to paying a larger one. The newspaper was traded to more than 1,500 outlets.

RedWave Media including all businesses was purchased by the company for AUD$11.7 million. RedWave went on operating as RedWave Media without altering the company’s structure. At the latter part of 2004, Mandura Coastal Times was traded to Community Newspaper for AUD$2.97 million. Because of this, the company restructured and two titles owned by Mandurah merge.

West Australian Newspaper (WAN) acquired Geraldton Newspapers for $11.8 million in 2005. WAN is owned by West Australian Newspaper Holdings. Seven Network took Western Australian Newspapers Holdings in October 2006 through a strategic shareholding. The company took Midwest times and Geraldton Guardian.

Bunbury Key was taken by the Group in March 2007. Bunbury Key is a business directory. In April 2007, Kimberley Echo founded in Western Australia was gained by the Group as an additional in the company's newspaper.

West Australian Newspapers Holdings (WAN) Products and Services

  • Commercial newspaper publishing
  • Commercial printing
  • Magazines
  • Online newspapers
  • Regional newspapers
  • Radio communications services

West Australian Newspapers Holdings Competitors

  • APN News and Media
  • Fairfax Media
  • Rural Press
  • News Limited

West Australian Newspapers Holdings (WAN) Locations and Subsidiaries

West Australian Newspapers Holdings Head Office
Newspaper House
50 Hasler Rd
Osborne Park WA 6017
Phone: (08) 9482 3111
Fax: (08) 9482 9080

West Australian Newspapers Holdings Limited (Press Gallery)
Parliament House
Canberra 2600
Ph: (02) 6253 6600 Fax: (02) 6273 2752 Mobile: (0412) 957313

West Australian Newspapers Holdings Limited
Sydney Morning Herald Building
24th Floor 201 Sussex St
Darling Park 2000
Ph: (02) 9282 1689 Fax: (02) 9282 1934 Mobile: (0412) 103240 E-mail: spennells@mail.fairfax.com.au

West Australian Newspapers Holdings Limited
3rd Floor
The Age 250 Spencer St
Melbourne 3000
Ph: (03) 9601 2665 Fax: (03) 9601 3251 Mobile: (0412) 265485 E-mail: gmalpeli@theage.fairfax.com.au

West Australian Newspapers Holdings Subsidiaries

WA Broadcasters Pty Ltd
Albany Advertiser Pty Ltd - t/a Albany Advertiser
ColourPress Pty Ltd
Bondnet Pty Ltd
Narrogin Observer Pty Ltd
West Australian Newspapers Limited
South West Printing & Publishing Company Limited
Herdspress Leasing Pty Ltd
Colorpress Australia Pty Ltd
Hocking & Co Pty Ltd - t/a Kalgoorlie Miner; Goldfields Esperance Magazine
Associated Companies

Other West Australian Newspapers Holdings Details

West Australian Newspapers Holdings Year Established: 1991
ACN: 053 480 845
D-U-N-S: 757894969
ABN: 91053480845

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