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WorleyParsons (WOR) is a specialist provider of engineering design and project related services as well as maintenance and reliability support services to diversified industrial segments, with a focus on hydrocarbons, power, minerals and metals, and infrastructure and environment sectors. The Company holds equity investment in most its principal infrastructure projects. WorleyParsons listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on 28th November, 2002. To date the Company employs around 32,200 people with 118 offices around the globe. The Company’s operations are geographically diversified across various countries including Australia, New Zealand, China, Middle East, Africa, South East-Asia, Canada, Latin America and United States. The Company is organized into four business divisions including Hydrocarbons, Power, Minerals and Metals, and Infrastructure and Environment. The Hydrocarbons division is comprised of the Oil and Gas, and Refining, Petrochemicals and Chemicals business entities.

The Company maintains long term sound relationships with a number of blue chip customers. WOR is committed to growth by diversifying its operations across various sectors and globally expanding its operations. WOR owns a wide network of engineering design bases across Australia and it is also focused on developing niche infrastructure projects, like remote power generation facilities.

WorleyParsons History

The history of WorleyParsons is dated back to 1971, when Wholohan Grill and Partners, a small Australian engineering consultancy was established by John Grill. The business made a progressive growth and acquired the Australian and Asian business operations of Worley in 1986. Worley was an engineering firm based in America, having a strong presence in the offshore gas and oil market. The Company changed its name to Worley and steadily made progress both in terms of geographic expansion and sector diversification. During the start of new millennium, WOR had diversified into power, infrastructure and environment, and minerals and metals sectors, with 30 offices and 3,000 employees worldwide. It listed on the ASX in 2002 and expanded its operations in Canada, Oman, and China. It purchased Parsons E&C in 2004, a leading international hydrocarbons business and adopted its present name WorleyParsons. In 2006, it formed a JV with ARA, a major base metals and infrastructure engineering firm and commenced operations in South American. In November 2007, it acquired Polestar and UniField Engineering. It acquired SEA Engineering in 2007 and INTEC in April 2008. In 2008, it acquired a 50% share in a project services company based in South Africa, Pangaea - Pretoria, now known as PangeaWorleyParsons.

WorleyParsons (WOR) Products and Services

  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Project management
  • Infrastructure services and development

WorleyParsons Competitors

  • Fluor
  • KBR

WorleyParsons (WOR) Locations and Subsidiaries

WorleyParsons Head Office
Level 7, 116 Miller Street
North Sydney, NSW, Australia, 2060
Phone: 61 2 8923 6866
Fax: 61 2 8923 6877

WorleyParsons Subsidiaries

Worley & Partners Engineering Consultancy LLC
Komex Egypt Limited
Energy Skills (Thailand) Limited
Sinn Phan Thavee Co Limited
WorleyParsons International
Australian Biodiesel Pty Ltd
WorleyParsons Trinidad Limited
WorleyParsons Qatar WLL
Pars Worley Qeshm Limited
WorleyParsons Constructors Inc
WorleyParsons Risk Management Limited
WorleyParsons Engineering (India) Pvt Ltd
Mar WorleyParsons, SA de CV
SolarRem Corporation
Energy Resourcing Australia Pty Ltd
WorleyParsons Canada Limited
WorleyParsons Oman Engineering LLC
WPES International LLC
WorleyParsons Singapore Holding Pte Limited
WorleyParsons Holding Pty Ltd
WorleyParsons Komex Limited
WorleyParsons Energy Services LLC
Komex Environmental (Ireland) Limited
Jones & Jones Engineering Design Pty Ltd
Maxview Engineering Limited
Worley International Inc
WorleyParsons do Brasil Engenharia Ltda
WorleyParsons Momin Sdn Bhd
Komex H2O Science Inc
PCT Pollution Control Technology Limited
Worley SPV2 Pty Ltd
WorleyParsons (Thailand) Limited
WorleyParsons Australia Inc
Worley No 2 Pty Ltd
WorleyParsons Limitada
Parsons E&C Bulgaria Limited
Worley SAFF Qeshm Limited
WorleyParsons E&C of Canada Limited
WorleyParsons Kazakhstan LLP
Komex Cyprus Limited
WorleyParsons Egypt Limited
WorleyParsons Group Inc
Worley SPV1 Pty Ltd
WorleyParsons Canada Finance Pty Ltd
WorleyParsons Energy Services Company
WP Infrastructure Developments Pty Ltd
Holbourn Pty Ltd
Worley US Finance Pty Ltd
WorleyParsons Construction Services of Louisiana, Inc
Parsons Group International Zagreb DOO
EFC Capital Limited
WorleyParsons US Holding Corporation
WorleyParsons SRM Sdn Bhd
WorleyParsons Philippines Inc
WorleyParsons US Holding Corporation
WorleyParsons Europe Limited
Worley Astron Pty Ltd
WorleyParsons West Inc
WPES Tecnica de Venuzuela CA
ACN 009 009 643 Pty Ltd
ACN 009 265 927 Pty Ltd
Engineering Securities Pty Ltd ATF The Worley Limited Trust
Parsons Power Group Inc
Parsons Tecnica de Venezuela, CA
Parsons Proceso y Asociados SA
Pollution Control Technologies Limited
WorleyParsons of North Carolina Inc
WorleyParsons (DRPL) Pte Limited
WorleyParsons Corporation
WorleyParsons Gulf Coast Services Inc
WorleyParsons Services Inc
BRW Power Generation (Esperance) Pty Ltd
WorleyParsons Malta Limited
Worley UK Finance Pty Ltd
WorleyParsons South Carolina Inc
WorleyParsons Technologies Pty Ltd
WorleyParsons South America Holdings Limited
WorleyParsons Malta Holdings Limited
Parsons E&C Construction Services Inc
WorleyParsons Financial Services Pty Ltd
Damit WorleyParsons Engineering SDN BHD
Parsons E&C de Mexico SA de CV
WorleyParsons HK Limited
Maison Parsons E&C (Beijing) Engineering & Technology Co Limited
WorleyParsons Engineers Limited
Pollution Control Technologies Inc
WorleyParsons Infrastructure Holdings Pty Ltd
WorleyParsons International Infrastructure Pty Ltd
WorleyParsons Engineering Pty Ltd
WorleyParsons (AES) Pte Limited
WorleyParsons of Virginia Inc
Exmouth Power Station Pty Ltd
Gilbert/Commonwealth Inc
Parsons Energy & Chemicals group Limited
SIP Engineering Corporation
WorleyParsons EAMES Holdings Limited
WP Management Pty Ltd
WorleyParsons International Inc
CTR Solutions Pty Ltd
WorleyParsons Infrastructure (M) Sdn Bhd
WorleyParsons Developments Pty Ltd
WorleyParsons SEA Pty Ltd
WorleyParsons Services Pty Ltd
WorleyParsons Sdn Bhd
PT Ceria Worley
WorleyParsons Pte Limited
Cadskills Pte Limited

Trading Names

WorleyParsons HGE
WorleyParsons Komex
WorleyParsons MEG

Other WorleyParsons Details

WorleyParsons Year Established: 2001
ACN: 096 090 158
D-U-N-S: 741361612
ABN: 17096090158
Previous Company Names: Worley Group Limited, Zilvo Limited

WorleyParsons (WOR) Share Price

Submitted by ASX Listed Company on 30 November, 2008 - 18:48

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