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XRF Scientific (XRF) manufactures and markets instrumentation for the scientific and analytical industries, specialised chemicals for X-Ray and other analysis and precious metal products and technical support services. Its products include laser plasma spectrometers, fusion machines and a wide range of high quality chemical fluxes. XRF was officially listed on the Australian stock market (ASX) in October 2006.

XRF Scientific has a strategy to focus on customer solutions, maintain strong XRF consumable sales with regular repeat orders, balanced product portfolio, cater global customers and continue to invest in product development and have a record of innovation, developing core technologies that are protected by patents. Their focal point is also on providing niche applications that have direct impact on process performance for end user customers.

XRF has worked with multinational blue-chip customers in diverse industries such as Johnson Matthey, CSIRO, Engelhard Industries, University of Melbourne, BHP Billiton, Anglo American, ISCOR and many more. Their products are exported through distributors and agents in USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, Spain, Brazil, Venezuela, China, Korea, Taiwan, India, New Zealand, Thailand, Indonesia, South America, United Arab Emirates, South Africa and Iran.

Modutemp Drying Ovens

These general-purpose laboratory ovens provide high efficiency drying performance in compact and robust casings. The ovens are lined with stainless steel and use fan-forced, re-circulating airflow with adjustable exhaust vents for moisture removal. Loose fitting, stainless steel wire rack type shelves allow east adjustment to suit differing loads. All ovens offer maximum temperature of 250°C with digital control and built in over-temperature protection.


As an XRF Scientific Limited company, Modutemp Pty Ltd is one of Australia's premier designers and manufacturers of heat-treatment furnaces and other equipment for laboratories and small-scale producers. From small beginnings in the 1980's, Modutemp has achieved an enviable reputation as specialist furnace and oven manufacturers for laboratories, research houses and small-scale manufacturers.

This reputation is founded on expertise developed in the selection and application of modern refractory materials together with the design of element arrays and their control systems, to achieve optimum performance. The ability to fine-tune a standard product to ideally suit a client's application and a policy of continuous improvement also play a role.

XRF Scientific Products and Services

  • Manufacturer and marketer of instrumentation for scientific and analytical industries.

XRF Scientific Locations and Subsidiaries

XRF Scientific Head Office
88 Guthrie Street, OSBORNE PARK,
Phone: (08) 9244 9600
Fax: (08) 9244 9611

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