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US and Australia Interest Rate Differential

Have you noticed a the current trend with interest rates? US interest rates are tumbling fast, while the Australian interest rates have been inching up. How can you profit from this trend? Below is a prospective strategy using currency warrants from Macquarie Research:

Interesting Thoughts about the Australian Dollar

For you share traders out there giving forex trading a go here's an article that you interest you, talking about today's Australian Dollar Movements:

Quality versus Quantity Forex Trading

Yet another perspective on "risking a little or risking a lot": Quantity vs Quality trading...

Just a similar thought to last week's post with the forex trading case study discussing the issues of risking a little or risking the lot. Similar concept, just a different perspective or twist.

Trading Risk and Leverage Case Study

A short case study on trading risk and leverage using forex trading as an example:

Trading the Australian Interest Rate Rise using Forex

If you've been following this share trading blog for a while you may be aware that I dabble in a little forex (foreign exchange) trading on the side. Today, the Reserve Bank of Australia raised rates by a quarter (0.25) percent to 6 percent.

Forex Trading Journal #020

Alright, here's the release of my first ebook. I hope it is the the first ebook of many. Did I mention that it is free? Anyway, it is a short one - the ebook is a record of my trading which just details my trial forex trade during the last week - the time where I extracted 28 pips without really trying. And yes it was a fluke. And trust me, I'm not always lucky. In fact, trading is nothing about luck.

AUD Falls as a consequence of US Non-Farm Payrolls Data

The Aussie was slightly lower as a result of the US Dollar rallying from the release of positive non-farm payrolls data. At 7am this morning the Aussie was trading at US74.88¢ which is down from Friday's close of US75.32¢. Over the weekend it reached a low of US74.77¢ and a high of US75.34¢. Another figure that helped the US dollar along was the falling unemployment rate - which fell to a four and a half year low of 4.7 per cent and a revised 193,000 jobs were added to non-farm payrolls. This result lends itself to last weeks expectations for further US interest rate hikes in the future.

Why Foreign Exchange (Forex)?

This is - Why in the world am I talking about Foreign Exchange? There is a good reason why I'm blogging about trading the foreign exchange currency markets mostly instead of the Australian Share Market. There is nothing special happening in that market at the moment - its going about its normal business.

Breaking into Forex Trading for Forex Novices

Trading the forex markets can be daunting for beginners and novices. Be prepared for an interesting ride of profits and losses: I haven't been participating in the market for about 6 months. Other circumstances pulled me away from the markets that I love. So my skills are a bit scratchy - you can call me a forex novice for the time being. I tried playing the fluctations in the recent movements in AUD/USD in the forex markets and I made 8 percent of $500 so thats $40 in one day.

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