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How to Trade Stock Market Indices S&P500

26 August, 2017 - 10:19

The buzz and excitement of the stock market where fortunes can be made and lost, high profile traders look for opportunity to spread their portfolio across the broad spectrum of many different company stocks. The question is. Can a trader with smaller means do the same? Good news, the answer is YES!

What Are Broker Recommendations?

Broker recommendations are guidance documents that brokers periodically release to help advise their clients of companies to watch on the stock market.

Australian stockbroker CommSec, releases a "Research Wrap" document weekly and usually arrives after market close on Friday. The research wrap usually includes stocks which the research arm of the stock broker recommends to watch in the upcoming week or weeks.

How to Plan Your Breakout Trading Strategy

Create an objective breakout trading strategy.

Breakouts are useful strategies in a volatile market. Traders can make great returns with limited risk, that is if the trading strategy is executed properly. More importantly, you can apply it any style of trading - including intraday and swing trading – regardless of the time frame. However, breakout trading can take a lot of patience which may cause you to jump in to early and end up exiting at a loss. So how do you plan for an objective trade?

Finding the Right Stock

Trading with Breakouts

Steps in trading breakouts.

Breakout trading is utilised by active traders who prefer to take a position in the early stages of a trend. This strategy can provide limited downside risk if done properly. They can be the starting point for major movements in price and expansion of volatility.

Qualities of an Investor

The qualities you need to be a successful investor

Before you delve into share trading, you have to ask yourself if you have the qualities of an investor. Making consistent profits from the stock market isn't about discovering some ultimate strategy that will guarantee money. Ultimately all your decisions will determine whether you will earn money or blow your account.

Am I Suited for Investing?

Starting Young

Should you trade in your 20s?

Starting early in the stock market is a good way to take advantage of compounded interest. Its also a good opportunity to sidestepping a regular 9 to 5 job, and eventually earning money. But the thing is, making money out of the stock market is not as exciting as what the Wallstreet or Boiler Room movie portrays it to be. Sure you have the chance to earn a lot of money, but being successful at share trading takes a lot of work, and long hours in front of the computer on your own. So before you commit to trading for a living there are still some points that you have to consider.

Stock Market Gurus

Should you invest your money on trading gurus?

When it comes to share trading, its certainly great to have a mentor that can point you the right direction. Objective criticism is helpful in exposing mistakes that you missed. An advice from an expert can earn and save you money. But the problem is how do you seperate the expert from the average joe with a gift of gab? A good marketing strategy can easily manipulate people into forking over their hard earned cash, without them knowing it. The media has been doing since the dawn of time.

Trading Basics

Share trading basics for beginners

Share trading can be complicated when you go over all the details and information that you need to know. It can also be very overwhelming for a newbie who doesn't want to lose money and have an early retirement. But there are key basic concepts that can be very helpful for the beginner, that doesn't require you to interpret a whole bunch of charts or read through pages of company profiles.

The Poseidon Bubble

What happens when a bubble bursts in the stock market.

Apart from the dotcom bubble burst, there was an earlier crash that sent a domino effect through the stock market.

Why You Should Trade Shares

Reasons why you should trade.

The ultimate goal of share trading is to earn money, but there are varying reasons why people trade. Making money from the stock market can be a huge gamble, and involves wagering a considerable amount of cash in something that has no certain outcome. But if you look at both the details and the big picture, trading does have its perks that renders it as an attractive venture.

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