What's the Meaning of Hawkish?

Submitted by Marco on 10 December, 2006 - 15:06

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What does Hawkish mean? We've heard it a lot lately in the financial news. "RBA maintaining a hawkish stance", "Yen gains as BOJ keeps up hawkish rhetoric", "Paris shares close higher, supported by less hawkish ECB comments", " Euro gains brief boost from hawkish Trichet comments" and "RNBZ Gets Hawkish, And Does Nothing". We all know that a hawk (noun) is a, "relatively small diurnal bird of prey with short rounded wings and very good eyesight which hunts by pouncing on small birds and mammals." To go hawking (verb) is to hunt with a hawk. To be hawkish – the adjective form of the word is simply described as "like a hawk". So in financial terms, what is the definition for hawkish?

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