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Submitted by Marco on 9 October, 2006 - 18:50

The Telstra (TLS) T3 prospectus was released today on the Australian sharemarket. Here comes some related commentary:

Here's the main reason why I don't read tabloid newspapers: they give useless mish mash information that does no one any good. One case in point was a short piece about the upcoming Telstra (T3) (TLS) float in the one-page "Business" section of the The Saturday Daily Telegraph. It took a quote from the Channel Ten "Video Hits First" show host: Faustina "Fuzzy" Agoiley (The woman that reminds me of a golliwog because of her hair). The "news" piece reported that she had been one of the 1.6 million shareholders that had bought into T2 at $7.40 a share. Asked about whether she would invest more of her money into Telstra in the T3 float she sensed a case of déjà vu stating that: "I wouldn't invest into [T3] because I'm still burnt from T2 and I'm still looking for a long term gain from that so I wouldn't see why people would want to invest more money into those sorts of shares."

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