Top 10 Dumbest Trading Mistakes

There are many fools trading in the worldwide markets. Trading stocks, forex or commodities anyone can make these dumb trading mistakes. But to be a highly successful trader you must admit to your mistakes and act to fix your previous follies.

Trade Without a Plan

US and Australia Interest Rate Differential

Have you noticed a the current trend with interest rates? US interest rates are tumbling fast, while the Australian interest rates have been inching up. How can you profit from this trend? Below is a prospective strategy using currency warrants from Macquarie Research:

Run Away Markets

Ever had the feeling you've missed a great trading opportunity? I bet every trader has: As I write the dollar is making a very impressive recovery. If you look at the small screenshot above of the AUD/USD currency pair on a weeky-hourly chart, the dollar made more than 100 pips in the past six of seven hours. Note the fat green candlestick - we all know what economic event triggered that - the US interest rates.

CMC Markets Forex Dealer Discrepancies

This is how unpredictable forex trading can get. See the price spike in the superimposed screencap of a minute chart? That was a quoted price spike for the Euro / US dollar currency pair in the CMC Markets trading platform "MarketMaker". Why am I concerned? Because it was a 40 pip movement in that minute. So what? Well, if you were short, and you had a stop loss in that range, your trade would surely have been stopped out early. The question remains as to why did this price spike show up on only the CMC Market maker software but not on the alternative forex dealer?

AUD Falls Further - A Delayed Reaction to Non-Farm Payrolls Data

AUD Falls a Little Further to US74.21¢ at 7am (AEDT) - A Delayed Reaction to Non-Farm Payrolls Data: The Aussie opened weaker today (Tuesday) as the US currency gained on most major currencies. At 7am (AEDT), the Aussie was trading at US74.21¢, lower than Monday's close of US74.72¢. Overnight, the AUD reached a low of US74.13¢ and a high of US74.75¢. There is a lack of economic indicators this week so the US dollar gained from a delayed reaction to the non-farm payrolls released last Friday. The RBA meets today for the first time in 2006 where the market sentiment is that the Australian interest rates will be kept constant at 5.5 per cent. The data releases expected today are: NAB quarterly business survey and D&B January business expectations survey.

AUD Falls as a consequence of US Non-Farm Payrolls Data

The Aussie was slightly lower as a result of the US Dollar rallying from the release of positive non-farm payrolls data. At 7am this morning the Aussie was trading at US74.88¢ which is down from Friday's close of US75.32¢. Over the weekend it reached a low of US74.77¢ and a high of US75.34¢. Another figure that helped the US dollar along was the falling unemployment rate - which fell to a four and a half year low of 4.7 per cent and a revised 193,000 jobs were added to non-farm payrolls. This result lends itself to last weeks expectations for further US interest rate hikes in the future.

My Share Trading - Trading Stocks, Derivatives and Forex for a Living

You may have heard of traders making a killing on the markets or traders getting killed over their financial balances in the stock markets. You may have thought that the stock market was a place to make a fortune. Or you may have thought the markets were too risky. But the fact is more than half of the Australian population have a direct or indirect ownership of shares, either through direct ownership, derivatives or through managed funds and superannuation. And a growing number are share trading with the boom of internet brokerage, information accessibility and the boom in financial services and awareness. Share trading may be a dream job for some, having unlimited freedom; no bosses. But trading stocks for a living is not easy.

The Aussie Dollar Adds Half a cent on the back of an Interest Announcement

The Aussie dollar has added more than half a US cent since Tuesday amid speculation that the US Fed may not be quite done lifting rates. The dollar gained momentum throughout the night supported by commodities and gold. At 7am the Aussie was at US 75.14¢, Tuesday's close was at US75.12¢. The US Fed reserve raised interest rates to 4.5 per cent the highest since April 2001. The statement issued by the Fed was scrutinised by investers to interpret any futher information indicating any future interest rate direction.

US Industrial Production and Capacity Utilisation

US Industrial Production and Capacity Utilisation important as they may have "the potential to add to inflation pressures": "In November, US industrial production recovered further following the hit it took from the US hurricanes. The recovery is expected to continue in December, with a 0.6% rise expected, bringing annual growth to 2.7% (down from 2.8% in November). Indicators such as the manufacturing ISM survey point to robust growth in industrial production continuing.

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