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Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) or Commbank is Australia's leading banking group engaged in providing integrated financial services that include business and institutional banking, retail banking, life insurance, superannuation, funds management, general insurance, broking services and other finance company activities clients from institutional, small business owners to individuals. Though CBA is based in Australia, it also has operations in the US, the UK, Singapore, Japan, Grand Cayman, Hong Kong, Fiji, Malta, China, Vietnam and Indonesia. CBA was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange on the 12th of September 1991. Its annual revenue reaches approximately $7 billion out of its issued capital of $1 billion. Its headquarters is located in Sydney, Australia and to date; around 30,000 people are employed in the company. Commonwealth Bank of Australia mainly operates in three business segments: insurance, fund management and banking.

The insurance segment of Commonwealth Bank of Australia is engaged in providing both general and life insurances. These are provided through The Colonial Mutual Life Assurance and the Commonwealth Insurance Holdings both located in Australia. Aside from the two channels, the life insurance service of this CBA's segment is provided by the Sovereign Assurance Company located in New Zealand.

The fund management segment of Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) offers superannuation and investment products. This segment is managed under the umbrella of the insurance segment. A wide range of investment services such as retail and wholesale investments, retirement funds as well as investment options like listed property, shares, credit, fixed interest, private equity, infrastructure and cash are being managed by this segment.

The banking segment of CBA is the one in charge of providing services like savings and checking account, mortgage lending and credit cards. The commercial banking services of Commonwealth Bank of Australia include cash management, credit and investment products. This CBA's segment also offers real estate finance as well as agricultural loans.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia Company (CBA) History

Because of the Commonwealth Bank Act implemented by the Australian Government in 1911, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) was founded. In was in 1912 when the CBA acquired the State Savings Bank located in Tasmania and the group had started issuing and providing notes from the Federal Treasury by the year 1920. Also in 1920, CBA started acquiring properties and businesses and one of them was the State Saving Bank of Queensland.

By late 40s and early 50s, the company was seen to grow stronger as it started opening new branches and in 1959, all the central activities of the banking division of the company were diverted to the Reserve Bank of Australia. In the 70s, all the operations of CBA were diversified when the group entered the travel market and home insurance. It was when the Commonwealth Bank Finance Corporation subsidiary was formed in 1974 however; it was in the same year when the operations in PNG were sold to the Papua New Guinea Banking Corporation.

In the early 90s, Commonwealth Bank of Australia extensively restructured its organisation. It went public and with the Australian Government owning a large share of the stake, CBA was listed on the ASX. In 1993, the Commonwealth Savings Bank of Australia was acquired by the CBA and it merged with the Colonial in 2000.

In 2002, CBA disassociated its Philippine insurance interests to the Manufacturers Life Insurance Company and in 2003; CBA acquired the TD Waterhouse Investor Services retail brokerage operations in Australia.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) Products and Services

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) provides a variety of financial products and services to retail individual customers as well as small business and institutional clients.

  • Retail banking services (Housing loans, credit cards, other loans, deposits, term deposits)
  • Business and institutional banking
  • Fund management (Retirement, mutual funds)
  • Superannuation
  • General and life insurance (Annuities, pension, disability insurance)
  • Broking services

Commonwealth Bank of Australia Competitors

  • Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ)
  • Insurance Australia Group Limited (IAG)
  • HBOS
  • National Australia Bank Group Limited (NAB)
  • St. George Bank Limited (SGB)
  • Westpac Banking Corporation (WBC)

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) Locations and Subsidiaries

Commonwealth Bank of Australia Headquarters
Level 7
48 Martin Pl
Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: (02) 9378 2000
Fax: (02) 9378 3317

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (NSW & ACT Administration)
GPO Box 2719
Sydney 1155
Fax: (02) 9378 7977

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (VIC & TAS Administration)
GPO Box 267D
Melbourne 3001
Ph: (03) 9675 7170 Fax: (03) 9675 6388

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (Administration)
GPO Box 1423
Brisbane 4001
Ph: (07) 3237 3111 Fax: (07) 3237 3003

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (Administration SA & NT)
GPO Box 1551
Adelaide 5001
Ph: (08) 8206 4000 Fax: (08) 8206 4134

Commonwealth Bank of Australia (Administration)
GPO Box A32
Perth 6001
Ph: (08) 9482 6000 Fax: (08) 9482 6114

Commonwealth Bank of Australia Subsidiaries

One Hundred and One Collins Street Pty Ltd
Commonwealth Securities Limited - t/a Share Direct
CBA International Finance Pty Ltd
Perpetual Stock Pty Ltd
Sparad (No 29) Pty Ltd
CFM (ADF) Limited
CBA Specialised Financing Limited
Share Direct Nominees Pty Ltd
Wilshire 10880 Corporation
CBA Leasing (No 2) Pty Ltd
Binya Pty Ltd
Retail Investor Pty Ltd
Sparad (No 20) Pty Ltd
Comsec Nominees Pty Ltd
Senator House Investments (UK) Limited
Hazelwood Investment Company Pty Ltd
CIF (Hazelwood) Pty Ltd
CBA Investments (No 2) Pty Ltd
CLL Investments Limited
Commonwealth Insurance Limited
CBA Asia Ltd
ASB Management Services Limited
Chullora Equity Investments (No 3) Pty Ltd
Chullora Equity Investments (No 2) Pty Ltd
CBA Investments Limited
CBA Indemnity Co Pty Ltd
Commonwealth Investments Pty Ltd
CBA (Europe) Finance Limited - UK
Share Investments Pty Ltd
ASB Finance Limited - New Zealand
CMG Asia Life Holdings Limited - BER
Commonwealth Development Bank of Australia Limited
Colonial PCA Holdings Pty Ltd
Colonial Life (NZ) Limited
Colonial First State Investments Group Limited
Infravest (No 2) Pty Ltd
Commonwealth Funds Management Limted Group
CMG First State Investment Managers (Asia) Limited
CMG Life Insurance Co Inc - PHI
Colonial Services Pty Ltd
Colonial International Holdings Pty Ltd
CBA (Delaware) Finance Incorporated
Colonial Finance (UK) Limited - UK
CMG Asia Pty Ltd
Colonial Service Corporation New Zealand Limited
CMG Holdings (Thailand) Co Ltd - THA
Homepath Pty Ltd
Colonial Insurance Services Pty Ltd
Colonial Holding Company NZ Limited
CMG First State Singapore Limited - SIN
Commonwealth Investment Services Limited Group
Colonial First State Investments (Fiji) Limited - FIJ
CBCL Australia Limited
Emerald Holding Company Limited
Colonial Investment Services Limited
Colonial Promotions Pty Ltd
Commonwealth Diversified Credit Fund
PT Bank Commonwealth - INDO
Colonial Holding Company (No 2) Pty Ltd
Colonial Finance Limited
Colonial Services (Fiji) Limited - FIJ
Colonial First State Investment Managers (UK) Limited - UK
CMG Asia Pensions and Retirements Limited - HK
Colonial First State Investments (NZ) Limited
Commonwealth Property Limited
Stewart Ivory Holdings Limited - UK
Colonial First State Managed Services Limited
Colonial Fiji Life Limited - FIJ
Colonial First State International Assets Limited - FIJ
Colonial AFS Services Pty Ltd
Colonial (UK) Trustees Limited - UK
CMG First State Investments (Hong Kong) Limited - HK
Colonial PCA Services Limited
CB-CLA Limited
Colonial First State UK Holdings Limited - UK
Colonial Employee Share Plan Limited
CISL (Hazelwood) Pty Ltd
Colonial Financial Services Pty Ltd
CMG Asia Limited - BER
ASB Life Limited
National Bank of Fiji Limited - FIJ
Colonial First State Property Limited
CBA Funding (NZ) Limited
Commonwealth Securities (Japan) Pty Ltd - JAP
Colonial Investments Holding Pty Ltd
Sovereign Ltd
Commonwealth Investments Services Limited
Colonial Portfolio Services Limited
The Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society Limited
Commonwealth Insurance Holdings Limited
Colonial Healthcare (Fiji) Limited - FIJ
CBFC Limited
Jacques Martin Pty Ltd
Commonwealth Managed Investments Limited
Colonial Mutual Superannuation Pty Ltd
Colonial Agricultural Company Limited
Colonial Mutual Funds Limited
Collateral Leasing Pty Ltd
CFML Nominees Pty Ltd
Colonial LGA Holdings Limited
Balga Pty Ltd
Wilshsire 10960 Corporation
SBV Asia Limited - Hong Kong
Antartic Shipping Pty Ltd
Comsec Trading Limited
CTB Australia Limited
ASB Bank Limited - NZ
Commbank International NV - Netherlands
Commonwealth Securities Limited
Sparad (No 30) Pty Ltd
Sparad (No 16) Pty Ltd
Commonwealth Investments (New Zealand) Limited
Central Real Estate Holdings Corp
ASB Properties Limited - New Zealand
Resources & Investment Finance Limited - Papua New Guinea
Infravest (No 1) Pty Ltd
Darontin Pty Ltd
ASB Superannuation Nominees Ltd
Sparad (No 24) Pty Ltd

Other Commonwealth Bank of Australia Details

Commonwealth Bank of Australia Year Established:1912
ACN: 123 123 124
D-U-N-S: 750506131
ABN: 48123123124

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