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My Share Trading helps to keep traders informed and up to date on market news and trends. Our website provides a comprehensive library of educational trading articles, strategies and ideas to help build trading confidence and trading success.

In short, we want to cut the hardcore journalistic fluff and get straight to the point. We have information and we want to cut up the pieces of information into easily digestible chunks and deliver it to our hungry readers.

Why My Share Trading?

It has been said by various books and “industry experts” that 80% of share traders fail. There is no hard evidence about this and various sources peg the failure rate higher at 90% or even higher at 98%. The true rate of failure would be known by the brokers and dealers – a figure that would be a highly guarded secret since such a figure based on real fact would surely scare off clients.

There is no secret to success in share trading. Its all about psychology: being in the right mindset when you trade. It is all about discipline: by strictly following your trading plan. It is all about passion: by enjoying your trading profession everyday.

When you choose to be a professional trader, make sure that you are employing professional methodologies. It is a business and not a hobby. If you treat trading as a hobby it will end up costing you, just like many other hobbies. Trading firms have trading rules and plans and so should you. Trading departments also have compliance departments who ensure that trader’s follow trading rules and regulations. This is a luxury which retail traders don’t have. Strict discipline and adherence to your trading rules will act as your compliance department.

My Share Trading is here to help trader’s reach their goals and dreams through trading by educating readers about the pitfalls of trading as well as strategies that would put you well ahead of the rest.

More About My Share Trading

The information contained on this website does not take into account for the investment objectives, financial situations and specific needs of any particular person. Before making an investment decision on any basis, you, the prospective investor needs to consider with or without the assistance of a securities advisor, whether the decision is appropriate in light of the particular financial circumstances investment needs, investment needs and objectives of the prospective investor or investor. Please also take note of the disclaimer in the footer of every page of the My Share Trading.

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