Stock Calc App

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Stock Calc App
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What is the Stock Calc App?

MyShareTrading created a Stock Calc App to help stockmarket investors and traders to help calculate their stockmarket transactions in a straightforward and easy manner. It uses various models where it calculates your capital required given your risk profile as well as your potential profit or loss.

Our Calculator provides in-depth insight into your transaction - before you execute the trade, giving you details of the value of the transaction as well as your risk reward ratio and a breakeven price for your stockmarket transaction.

For advanced users who trade securities like CFDs, it also can calculate your trades using the same financial risk modelling for leveraged long and short trades.

Why Use the Stock Calc App?

In our disciplined approach to buying and selling on the stock market we believe that our Stock Calculator App will help you plan out your trades and your investments before execution.

If you buy stocks for day trading or investment, it is good practice to know your trading and/or investment goals and out calculator forces you to think about your entry and exit prices before or during (or after) a trade.

Where can I find the Stock Calc App?

The app will be released soon in February 2013 on both Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad).

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