Why Should I trade a CFD (Contract for a Difference)?

Advantages of CFD

In a nutshell, CFD is an arrangement in a futures contract wherein the difference is settled through cash payments. The difference is determined by the underlying share, index or commodity. The two main advantages of trading CFD is leverage and its ability to go ''short''.

The Truth about Trading

The truth about being a trader

Share trading is not as lucrative as anyone thinks. With the uncertainty of the market, you won't be able to turn $100 into a million, unless you have a big bankroll to make it happen and lots of time in your hands. Its natural for newcomers to lose as much as 10 percent of the capital. The word ''trader'' also conjures up a rather lonely and boring image for people. Someone who is sitting in front of two or more computer monitors, studying and crunching numbers everyday, vigilant not to lose any window of opportunity.

Take Advantage of Both Worlds - Technical and Fundamental Analysis

How to utilize both technical and fundamental analysis

Much has been said about the debate whether which one is more efficient: Technical or Fundamental analysis. Some prefer to based their decision on a stock's movement in the market, while others prefer to look into a company to know what they are buying for. Technical analysts prefer to spend their time on price action and chart patterns without the need to research on the stock's company. Fundamental analysts on their other hand prefer to look into a company's annual performance to make sure that they are not buying some shoddy business.

Technical Analysis: Support and Resistance

What is support and resistance?

Once you understand what trends are and learn how to interpret them, the next concept will be resistance and support. These levels show the interplay of supply and demand in the stock market, dictated by traders when they are buying or selling.


Starting Young

Should you trade in your 20s?

Starting early in the stock market is a good way to take advantage of compounded interest. Its also a good opportunity to sidestepping a regular 9 to 5 job, and eventually earning money. But the thing is, making money out of the stock market is not as exciting as what the Wallstreet or Boiler Room movie portrays it to be. Sure you have the chance to earn a lot of money, but being successful at share trading takes a lot of work, and long hours in front of the computer on your own. So before you commit to trading for a living there are still some points that you have to consider.

Stock Market Gurus

Should you invest your money on trading gurus?

When it comes to share trading, its certainly great to have a mentor that can point you the right direction. Objective criticism is helpful in exposing mistakes that you missed. An advice from an expert can earn and save you money. But the problem is how do you seperate the expert from the average joe with a gift of gab? A good marketing strategy can easily manipulate people into forking over their hard earned cash, without them knowing it. The media has been doing since the dawn of time.

Short Term Trading Approach

How to generate profit from short term trading.

There are many ways to earn from the stock market. Whether you want to delve in share trading for a short or long period of time, there are varying approaches that you can use. However, there are certain factors that are profitable. If you prefer to gain maximum profits in short term trading these are some suggestions that you can look into.


Starting Small to Make it Big in Share Trading

Is it wise to invest even if you're undercapitalised?

As beginner, you may not have enough capital to start trading. More importantly, you want to make money from the market - hoping to turn a couple of hundred bucks to a thousand – so why risk a huge amount of money in the first place? So with the little money you have in your account, is it wise to trade even though you don't have enough capital?

Things to Ponder if Undercapitalised

Day Trading For Beginners

Day trading strategies for beginners

Share trading is one of the most common ventures for beginners. However making money out of the stock market can be very difficult. Its a place where opportunities are grabbed and losers are taken advantage of. For any newbie, even for the pros, the stock market is a cut throat world. Fortunately there are day trading strategies that beginners can use.

Common Mistakes Traders Should Avoid

A typo can go a long way.

Mistakes will be inevitably made in trading. Unfortunately more often than not it’s at the expense of your money. However, for a beginner this is to be expected. Trading is primarily trial and error until you are able to come up with your own system that lets you profit consistently. Unfortunately, these are not the biggest mistakes you have to watch out for. More often the simple ones have more bearing.

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