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Should you invest your money on trading gurus?

When it comes to share trading, its certainly great to have a mentor that can point you the right direction. Objective criticism is helpful in exposing mistakes that you missed. An advice from an expert can earn and save you money. But the problem is how do you seperate the expert from the average joe with a gift of gab? A good marketing strategy can easily manipulate people into forking over their hard earned cash, without them knowing it. The media has been doing since the dawn of time.

These gurus have different offers, but ultimately their selling point is having the information that they claim will help you earn lots of money. This information can be a method, strategy, tip or recommendations available at a price. So how do you decide if you should sign for a seminar by a so called guru?

Ask for audited trading statements for a year or so. If their trading history matches up with their claims, granted that they are realistic, then they are genuine.

Check for a money back guarantee. Profitability in the stock market solely depends on the trader, that's why there are different strategies out there. Trading habits, understanding of risks, and money management differ from one trader to another, so what works for one person may not work for you.

See trial options. If an expert is confident with what he offers, he will be confident enough for an interested customer to try out his product.

Take a look at what the so called expert offers. If its all about tips, then you're better off hanging around trading forums where you can get advice from successful traders for free.

Practically its not advisable to listen to gurus. Market conditions change all the time, so there's no trading secret, golden ticket or one sure way to earn. In the long run, only you can decide if your going to make money or not.

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