Why You Should Trade Shares

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Reasons why you should trade.

The ultimate goal of share trading is to earn money, but there are varying reasons why people trade. Making money from the stock market can be a huge gamble, and involves wagering a considerable amount of cash in something that has no certain outcome. But if you look at both the details and the big picture, trading does have its perks that renders it as an attractive venture.

No boss. Sure its cool to have a mentor, but most of the times bosses are hovering sentries making sure you maintain the status quo. In other cases, they can squeeze the life out of you for the company's benefit, and chuck you aside when retrenchments are inevitable. If you find a boss that can relate to a cubicle dwelling employee's woes then consider yourself very lucky.

No commute. You don't have to wake up early in the morning to catch the bus, work is just over the desk in from of your computer. You also don't have to worry about gas prices, dealing with its possible effects in the economy is already enough.

No customers. Even though they can be no more than sheep herded by the media, they can still be pretty fickle and hard to please. If you're in customer service, you will relish the fact that you don't have to smile because it shows in your voice, or bother about somebody else' problems that may be caused by that person's own stupidity.

No set hours. No 9 to 5 and graveyard shifts. You can set your own time frame. You decided how many days or hours you want to trade. You don't have to worry about getting late and working for extended period of time for a routine job.

No office politics. Your profitability solely depends on your performance, so you don't have to worry about the boss' pet or girlfriend eclipsing your hard work. You don't have to deal with layers of bureaucracy. You don't have to force yourself to endure annoying characters in the office.

No limitations on income. An employees monthly income depends on his experience and what the company offers. Then whatever raise you get will depend if you get a promotion. Your share trading profits depends on how much you make at any time.

Early Retirement. You don't have to crawl in a company for ten years to make it to the top, and still report to someone else. You can be your own boss, work on your terms, and quit on your own time. Start young and use compounded interest to your advantage.

These perks do sound convenient and awesome, but there are still inherent risks that you have to understand when it comes to trading. Making consistent and huge profits will take a lot of research, studying, patience and tenacity, most of the time on your own.

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