ASX Warrant Trades Boom

Submitted by Marco on 20 January, 2006 - 01:01

The ASX Warrant Market is Booming - Are You Missing the Boat?

December 2005 did not stop new records being set for the warrants market. Total traded premium in a calendar year reached a phenomenal $6.54 billion. The instalments market traded premium reached $4.06 billion representing a 62% increase on the 2004 traded premium value of $2.5 billion. Check out the figures in the trading volumes for the number of warrant trades completed.

Remember - you aren't missing the boat if you aren't aware of or don't know anything of the Aussie ASX Warrant Market. It is simply another financial instrument to introduce some sort of gearing into your portfolio. If you would like to explore that avenue - keep reading for future entries of this blog as well as look into the ASX website for a huge repository of FREE information about the Warrant Market.

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