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Practical and wise tips for traders

There are wide array of methods and information for any beginner who wants to trade in the stock market. Trading the sharemarket can be overwhelming at first, especially if you don't know much. Some successful traders might tell you what you should do - or someone pretending to be a guru to prey on unsuspecting newbies - but others insists otherwise. Fortunately there are nuggets of wisdom that can be very helpful.

What you need to have:

Goals - firm expectations are very important. Set your own trading goal and commit to it. Any amount that you expect to earn per day takes a lot of work in an uncertain market with thousands of competitors who may have more money than you can afford to lose. Decide on what you want to trade, how long you are willing to commit to it and how much you are willing to lose to earn your goal.

Your own style – each trading method does not apply to everyone because each trader is different. Every individual interprets a set of data differently, so each trader has their own signal that they rely on before they consider a stock. Your trading habits, along with your attitude, creates a strategy that's suits you.

Education – even famous investors keep themselves updated. You are going to need the internet, television, and financial newspapers. Read up on other books, pick up guides that may offer insight to your own methods, and keep what is useful to you.

Some tips you need to know:

  • You need money to make money
  • Trade money you are willing to lose, even successful traders lose money now and then
  • Understand risks and create a risk profile that suits you
  • Plan on how you will trade and what actions you need to take before trading
  • Make adjustments when necessary, but do not let emotions get a hold of you
  • The market is always uncertain, it doesn't matter if your right the first time, a mistake is just around the corner if you put your ego first
  • Don't dwell on a single trade, its just one among many
  • Make informed decisions, even if the market is unpredictable, your plan and strategy will give you an insight into how your trade will play out
  • Reason is what drives us to commit to something challenging. Obviously each action when trading has a reason, but know why you want to trade

These are simple and basic tips that are not trying to sell you some method but rather offer practical advice. There is no get rich quick method in the stock market and an exact science to predict its movements. But with dedication and experience it is highly possible to make money more than you started with.

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